We are the Band-aid of the world

We see ourselves as a band-aid to the world. savontage tries to contribute to the healing of the world with a lot of heart and passion.

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Thyme oil hand soaps

● Soap made from 100% natural ingredients
● Nourishing and cleansing
● Naturally antiviral and antibacterial due to thyme oil
● Perfumed with organically grown essential oils, extracted from plants.
● Exclusively natural preservation
● Design and manufacture in Switzerland

Lemon oil hand sanitizer

● Disinfectant made from 100% natural ingredients
● Naturally antiviral and antibacterial
● Contains moisturising and nourishing ingredients
● Pleasantly fresh and organically grown lemon oil, extracted from plants
● Design and manufacture in Switzerland

About Savontage

Hand cosmetics can anyone savontage can do more!

On common journeys we were allowed to discover already many places of the world. Unfortunately, we had to realize that not all people and animals are as well off as we are. This has motivated us to do something about it. That is why we created savontage. The goal of savontage is to give something back to the world. Naturally, always sustainable and with a social impact.

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  • Michael

    "My goal with savontage is to give as many people as possible access to clean drinking water."

  • Massimo

    "With savontage, I want to give all animal lovers the opportunity to give something back to the animal world."

  • Samuel

    "It's clear to me that the solution to many of the world's problems is access to education. savontage is here to make its contribution."

  • Romano

    "With savontage, I want to give everyone the opportunity to pursue their dreams - even those people who haven't been given the same chance from the start."

  • Francisca

    "Demenz betrifft in der Schweiz über 150'000 Menschen. 5% davon erkranken vor 65. Durch savontage möchte ich die Integration dieser Menschen fördern." Projects coming soon...